Add a touch of vintage appeal to any room


Let your home be the extension of your personality and this vintage mirror beits beautiful soul. Antique decorative wall mirrors are a great way to beautify the walls of your home and give your personal space a distinct character.

These vintage mirror frames are handcrafted by experienced artisans from Kone Crafts, and are ideal to add a royal touch to your home decor.

A number of factors contribute in making an antique mirror truly valuable. From gilding to carving, to edges and finish; a vintage mirror speaks for itself.

They are expensive and demand great care. However, decorative wall mirrors like these, which are made from metal such as copper or brass are truly longlasting.


Decorative and framed mirrors like these are great for indoors as well as outdoor home décor.

This masterpiece will give a regal look to your personal space.

The finery and finish of this antique style mirror frame reflects royalty at its best.

With an eye catching design and a stunning shine, this one is going to make heads turn.

If you want something classy yet bold, this is the right frame for you.

The manufacturing of sunburst mirror frame involves 4 main steps where quality check running parallel to each process

1. Designing: This product is manufactured by and experienced artisans of Kone Crafts utilizing high grade iron metal frame and wire and all the joints are gas welded to make it robust and durable.

2. Zinc Oxide Treatment: The next step involves Zinc treatment to this mirror frame to keep it rust free for long time.

3. Plating: post zinc treatment all joints are tested and then gold plating is to give it elegant look.

4. Packaging: the finished frame is bubble wrapped before placing it thermocol sheets and then this packet is finally placed in corrugated box to make it ready for exports.

1. Iron is used as base metal to manufacture this incredible piece of art. However, you too have a flexibility to choose base metal of your choice.

2. Zinc Plating is applied to the entire mirror frame to avoid corrosion and to make it durable.

Finishing Touch: Gold plating
Wide range of color finish is available ranging from silver plating to copper antique and gold.

This framed mirror is prepared from iron as base metal and glass mirror. However, with us your have flexibility to choose base metal of your choice.

Easy to clean and maintain, this mirror frame is one of the best looking pieces in the market. This vintage mirror frame is not just attractive to look, but also sturdy and long lasting.

It’s a great investment for those who believe in the beauty of antiques and have an affinity towards the old and vintage charm of the golden days.


Timeless design. Convenient to install

Particulars Description
Mirror Diameter 21 Inches
Frame Diameter 26.5 Inches
Base metal Iron
Coating Powder Coated
Finishing Touch Silver Colour


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