Why Moroccan Lanterns are the best Festival Gift items? [Christmas and Diwali]

Why Moroccan Lanterns are the best Festival Gift items? [Christmas and Diwali]

Why Moroccan Lanterns are the best Christmas Gift Items

We are living in an era where aesthetics rule our world. Gone are the days when our ancestors would make do with anything and everything. The choices were limited at that time, life was minimalistic and means were few.

Now is a time when we have to keep pace with the changing dynamics if we want to enjoy good social status. Similarly, when it comes to gifting, we’ve come a long way.

moroccan lanterns gift item christmas diwali

A useful festival gift with a personal touch is sure to light up the mood and the face of the receiver. Christmas gifts, for example, are one of the most looked forward to, equally by adults and kids.

So why not make your festival gifts something special? Giving the gift of light, outdoor lanterns such as the Moroccan lanterns are quite a rage this season.

Read on to know more about this exclusive gift which you can buy as wholesale gift items for Christmas or Diwali.

What are Moroccan lanterns?

Moroccan lanterns, also called henna lamps, are made of metals of different quality and then decorated with intricate designs.

These lanterns are hand-painted and based on traditional designs.

Few designs are also colored using paprika or saffron based dyes. These oriental style hanging lanterns add an earthy feel and bring a rustic touch to home decor.

Another Moroccan lantern variety is where a stained glass lamp is carved with motives. The stained glass lamps look really exquisite and tend to make your interior decoration dreams come true.

They can also be added easily to a wrought iron chandelier so as to add more warmth and character to your home.

5 Reasons Why a Moroccan Lanterns are the Perfect festival gift items for Christmas and Diwali

(1) Exotic looks

wholesale moroccan lanterns as Diwali gift ItemsHere’s a Moroccan piece of art that exudes a distinct earthiness and richness at the same time. Gifting your dear ones this exotic looking Moroccan hanging lantern, is definitely going to warm up the heart and light up the face of the receiver.

(2) Durable and long lasting

Since these outdoor candle lanterns are generally wall mounted and hanging up high, there’s little chance of breakage, or general wear and tear. Hence, these are amazingly durable and long lasting, costing little or no maintenance.

(3) Lighting items

Christmas and Diwali are both festivals of light, happiness, merriment and brightness. Therefore, these gift items offer great symbolism as Christmas Gifts or Diwali Gifts.

Giving someone the gift of light on the festival of light is an auspicious sign, which is accepted graciously by anyone, and everyone.

(4) Value for money and people remember for long

Being not too steep in price, they offer great value for money! In fact these are considered to be one of the best wholesale gift items for Christmas or Diwali.

A Moroccan hanging lantern is a durable gift which the possessor can cherish and remember for much longer than any other gift.

(5) Can be used in any weather / throughout the season for home décor even after the festivals are over

This is one Christmas gift that can be put to use even after the festival season is over. Home decor is one such area which never goes out of season.

People love to decorate their personal spaces in the best possible way, and these indoor or outdoor candle lanterns make it possible for them.

Where to buy Moroccan lanterns?wholesale moroccan lanterns festival gift items

Owing to their beauty, usefulness and unmatched potential for home decor, Moroccan lanterns are now slowly getting easier to procure. It is now relatively less complicated to buy this Moroccan exotica than it was a few years ago. However, you still need to take note of the right one for you!

Here’s where you can find and buy good quality Moroccan lanterns.

(1) Home décor store owners or gifts shops near your locality
(2) From online retailers

To order online, in USA, UK, Canada and India, here are the details of some eRetailers area-wise:


  1. Amazon.com
  2. eBay
  3. dhgate.com
  4. etsy.com
  5. wayfair.com

United Kingdon

  1. ebay.co.uk
  2. lights4fun
  3. Not on the high street
  4. amazon.co.uk
  5. maroque



  1. Lowes
  2. wayfair.ca
  3. amazon.ca


Moroccan hanging lanterns as Christmas gifts by Konecrafts


  1. Amazon
  2. Flipkart
  3. Snapdeal
  4. Pepperfry
  5. Shopclues

Why Moroccan lanterns can be the best gifts for Diwali

Lanterns offer an amazing way to celebrate the festive season by being the most apt yet different gift for Diwali. While people expect the usual, surprise your loved ones with this tasteful and thoughtful Diwali gift this year.

(1) Putting the lanterns outside in garden or patio can add life to your outdoor house party. It acts as a unique gift since Moroccan lanterns are not usually common.

Vivid colours, different geometric forms and flattering designs make this a truly remarkable and unique Diwali gift of this season.

(2) Keeps kids safe since it is mounted high on the wall and kids can enjoy the lights from a distance. Otherwise, it gets difficult to control kids and keep them safe from crackers during Diwali.

exotic moroccan lanterns as Christmas gifts 2017

(3) Long lasting: Durable, sturdy, and extremely splendid, these gifts will continue to beautify and add character to your home decor season after season. You can say that the maintenance cost is almost zero.

Still wondering? Don’t get more confused. There’s no better gift you can give this season than spreading light and happiness through this one-of-a-kind lantern.

So let the Moroccan art cast a magical spell and turn your ordinary life into extraordinary, and let this gift of love fill more light and colour into your relationships.

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