Why Metal Wall Art is New Style Statement for Home Decor!

Why Metal Wall Art is New Style Statement for Home Decor!

Home décor industry is one of those where the buyer never settles, and is always on the lookout of something more appealing, something more distinct. Trends change, choices change, and so do the buying patterns of home décor customers.

Metal wall arts market is one such segment which is selling like hot cakes in the home décor industry. Let’s explore the reasons why there’s a sudden surge in consumer preferences to buy metal wall arts.
The Growth of Home Décor and Art Industry
According to Home Accents Today’s 2014 Universe Study, the home décor market stands tall with $60 billion in total sales, up 3.2% from $58.74 billion in 2013.

This upsurge in home decoration shows that as a consumer, our desire to beautify our living spaces has intensified.

Moreover, many people feel that their home or work space is an extension of their own personalities and hence, they tend to express their thoughts and feelings through their décor.

A changing consumer demographic, driven by increase in disposable incomes and inclination for the fine things in life, is the reason for such bright industry dynamics.

Home décor and art are no longer the luxuries of the elite, but also trickled down to an expanding upper-middle class that enjoys the aesthetics with growing confidence to spend on art.

Earlier, creating a polished and pleasing aesthetic required an expert eye and big money. But today’s consumers possess the resources, tools, and budget to take their home décor seriously and make a fashion statement with their artistic choices.

What works in the Art Industry
Metal Wall Arts is the newest and hottest trend prevailing in the home décor business industry today.

Not only does metal wall art look aesthetically pleasing, it also makes a style statement without making a hole in your pocket.

Its comparative cost to art pieces designed by famous artists is negligible.

Moreover, the space occupied by a metal wall art piece is also very slight, thus making it the most popular category in the home décor market today.

Why Buy Metal Wall Arts
Metal wall arts are the most expressive, sleek and beautiful pieces of art you can own.

It has a smooth way of integrating itself into your wall space that is perfect for today’s contemporary homes.

It is quite versatile because different shapes and forms can be easily expressed through metal.

Not to forget, it is also a beautiful way to recycle metal waste which is otherwise worthless.

It is as fashionable and trendy as the latest designer handbag or dress, while reflecting great innovation in form, texture, materials, structure, function,colour and craftsmanship.

Materials being used in metal wall arts that add drama to your home include steel, stainless steel, aluminium, bronze, brass and copper, which are used with faux finishes.

Metal wall arts elevate and transform the look of any space or setting thanks to an extensive range of designs showcasing multi-coloured themes, warm and cool tones; nature-themed art pieces with earthly inspirations; and sculptures that relax, excite or rejuvenate.

How does it Benefit Metal Wall Arts Retailers
Art and decor retailers have the requisite resources, and understanding that they also can capitalize on this popular wave of change through innovative designs and unique products.

The online retailers of metal wall arts also know that even with higher price tags, home accents can easily boost annual sales and grow their art business significantly.

On their part, the manufacturers of metal wall arts have also responded with an impressive breadth and depth of products to satiate many different consumer segments depending upon taste, income or geography.

Unlike other art categories that require special expertise, these sophisticated art pieces often sell themselves with their attractive looks.

Popular trends in metal wall art décor are pieces in gold colour palette.

Other trends in wall art include organic materials such as reclaimed wood, American and handmade, transitional styling.

Tips to Increase your Sales in Home Décor
Go Online
Every consumer you wish to target, every buyer who might be looking for home décor, is an online user.

Target them on social media sites, make a Pinterest account, a Facebook page and foster healthy engagement with prospective customers.

Focus on building a recall value of your brand so that when your prospects actually want to make the purchase, your design and your brand comes first in their minds.

Presentation is the Key
Even if you have a brick-and-mortar store or online store for metal wall arts, it is crucial to invest your time and effort in good presentation of your art pieces.

The presentation should be strategically decided to maximize the chances of a sale.For online stores, your art pieces must be photographed really well so as to retain their charm and beauty.

It’s best to hire a professional photographer to do the job for you. It will surely be worth it!

Be Unique
Your metal wall arts store is competing for attention like any other store. You need to set your brand apart from others so that customers can see the difference and get attracted towards your products.

Create value for customers so that they remember you in a positive manner. Apart from uniqueness in products, it is also critical to impart a unique quality to your services.

Online, you can start a design blog and offer design tips to create a positive brand image.Try to personalize your contact with customers by writing to them online.

Offline, you can attempt to get reviewed or listed in a home décor publication.

Just one or two mentions in a popular interior design journal or blog can jumpstart your business.
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