Beautify Your Garden With Mesmerizing Galvanized Planters

Beautify Your Garden With Mesmerizing Galvanized Planters

Beautify Your Garden with Galvanised Planters

The home decor industry is going through a paradigm shift. In the recent years, with expanding disposable incomes and improvements in standard of living, there’s a greater bent towards finer things in life.

And what better to spend on than our home in which we live and breathe. It’s true that the environment influences our moods and the way we think.

Therefore, keeping our surroundings in sync with our personality and adding a layer of character to your living space goes a long way in staying positive and happy.

table top metal plantersGalvanized metal planters for home decor

Galvanized metal planters are the latest rage in the home decor industry. What makes metal planters so special, is that they can beautify not only indoors, but also outdoor spaces at your home or at work.

Imagine a beautiful home garden with different plants and flowers, or a nice patio with canopy lined with colorful flowers. But if you have same old clay pots to hold your plants, the garden of your dreams is still a dream unfulfilled.

Now take a look at some of these metal planters, which not only hold your prized possessions with tender love and care, but also enhance the look and feel of your outdoor spaces.

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true?

galvanized Metal Planters with brass strip and tapering ends - Kone Crafts, Handicrafts Manufacturer from India

Choosing the right garden planter

There are several parameters on which you can select the right planter for home or office.  The first and foremost choice can be on the basis of aesthetics of the planter and for what purpose you wish to function it.

In some places where high winds are common, stability is of utmost importance. Also, at places with hot and humid climate conditions, with intense sunlight, there should be an air gap between the planter liner and the planter surface to keep the roots from overheating.

metal planters box with handle by kone crafts

When you have figured this out, you should determine what types of plants you wish to have and what their soil, watering and drainage requirements are.

The kind of plants you choose to grow also determine the type of planter you can choose.  Sunlight and water requirements, and soil volume, directly influence the planter liner depth and width so that your plants grow well and not ask for a lot of maintenance.

If you’re planning for planters that have a waterproof inner liner, pick one with a stock moulded liner size first, or else the options will get limited to the more expensive custom-welded liners.large galvanized metal planters wholesale manufacturer from India - Kone Crafts

Another thing to consider apart from the initial cost of the planter, is its lifetime cost in terms of maintenance, replacement, and plant type to hold.

Questions to ask yourself before investing in metal planters

Here are a few pointers or functional considerations that must be thought of before buying the right planters as well as plants to decorate your environment:

  • How much space can you set aside for the placement of your planters?
  • Do you need to line the sides of your garden using long planter runs or just want to invest in individual planters?
  • Will you place the planters on the ground, or a bit elevation, or on a terrace? This has to be thought of well in advance considering the weight restrictions of the surface you wish to place them on.
  • Determine whether the planters will be put on a hard or soft surface.
  • Identify whether they will be kept in an open or indoor location? Also look for stability of the planters before investing into it.
  • Will you be planting perennials or annuals?
  • What is the volume (liner size) and space requirements for plants plants to thrive?
  • How are you planning to water the plants? Using drip irrigation or by hand?
  • What is the drainage system you’re going to follow? What happens when they overflow?
  • If they are put outdoors, the quantity, size and placement of drainage holes should be dependent on the rainfall in your location, while if kept indoors you can go for no drain or directed drainage.
  • Will the planters be placed in such a way that there is ease of maintenance, or will it require moving everything?
  • What accessories would you want to add to your existing set up, like a trellis, windbreak, or casters?
  • Whether replacements, sustainability, and warranty important to you?
  • Delivery time

room metal planters

Why metal planters?

Metal planters are generally made up of copper, brass, galvanized zinc, stainless steel or cast iron. The best thing about them is that they’re so durable that they don’t lose their beauty even years after installation. These planters don’t break, chip or crack.

This makes them great for a home garden, balcony or patio. The only thing to worry about is that they provide little insulation and absorb heat rapidly. So, keep that in mind if you’re planning to place them in direct sunlight.

Also, since metal is a non porous material, drainage can be an issue in some cases. Another intriguing and charming feature of metal planters is that most of these planters get more beautiful over time and age gracefully with a nice patina. This makes them even more attractive and splendid for decorating your surroundings.

Types of galvanized planters in the market

Galvanized metal planters are of multi use since this metal is most commonly used for manufacturing of planters and the metal is flexible to have shaped planters of varying colors and textures.

High-gloss finish, semi-gloss finish, matte finish, and sand look, you can choose what your heart desires.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the latest range in the market and make your garden your neighbor’s envy!

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