Galvanized watering cans

Kone Crafts customize high grade galvanized watering cans for garden centers, nursery growers and retailers that help them generate more business!

What make galvanized watering cans preferred choice for gardeners?

Low investments: One can have metal watering without shelling out too much money.

Durable: Zinc protective coating and also we apply extra coating of lacquer which increases its life further. Zinc coating makes it rust free and also gives it antique and elegant finish.

Easy to maintain: Zinc watering cans require less maintenance and can easily repaired in case there is leakage. This can be done by applying any sealant to the base of the can. That’s it!

What Kone Crafts can do for you?

1. Numerous design options: we have numerous design options for zinc watering cans, we can also customize your design as per your specification. We use high grade galvanized steel sheet to develop durable and attractive water cans.

2. Bespoke Design with Logo: Let your product carry your brand: We can emboss or engraved your brand logo on the water cans so that it generates more value for your business.

3. Defined Price Point: We manufacture these cans within your Target Price so that you have good safety margins to carry out your operations.

Our Process:
1. Preparation of prototype before going into production.
2. Post buyers approval, material goes for production.
3. All templates are preserved so that we have consistent quality moving forward.
4. Quality review
5. Packaging: All watering cans are poly packed and bubble wrap in corrugated cartons. Also sometime 4 cans are packed in carton box.
6. Shipping to port of loading

How you can import galvanized zinc watering cans to your store?

Yes, we exports metal handicrafts watering cans to various countries. You too can import it easily to your destination country.

Following points are important to note for importing zinc watering cans: Pricing Terms: There are two most commonly accepted pricing terms.

1. FOB (Free On Board), wherein supplier/exporter include cost of goods and freight till the port of loading in the invoice. There after all the expenses such as ocean freight, VGM (verified Gross Mass) charges and ENS (Entry Summary Declaration) charges plus the custom charges, if applicable, in the destination country are borne by the buyers.

2. C&I (cost and insurance), wherein supplier/exporter include FOB charges plus the insurance charges of the container/cargo and rest of the things remain the same.

Common practice is that the importer engage forwarder for its consignment and exporter handover the consignments after customs clearance at the port of loading to the nominated forwarder.

Type of cans we manufactures: Numerous options to choose from!

Galvanized watering cans with oval shape and of 1 Gallon Capacity in natural zinc finish - Kone Crafts - Wholesale Manufacturer & Supplier - GWC01
Code: GWC01
Zinc Watering Can with double handle and long spout Natural Galvanized Finish with 2 Gallon Capacity – Kone Crafts – Code -GWC02
Code: GWC02
Oval shape with round handle watering can with antique fatina finish, 8 Liters Capacity - Kone Crafts - Metal Handicrafts - GWC03
Code: GWC03
Zinc natural finish small watering cans, cylindrical shape with 5 Liter capacity - Wholesale Manufacturer - Kone Crafts - GWC04
Code: GWC04
Galvanized Zinc double handle watering can, 2 Gallons capacity with patina finish - Kone Crafts - GWC05
Code: GWC05
Galvanized Steel oval sleek watering cans with 3 Gallons capacity, Natural finish – Kone Crafts – Exporter and Manufacturer India – GWC06
Code: GWC06
Ribbed circular rings zinc metal watering cans with 7 Liters capacity for plants - Kone Crafts - Moradabad - GWC07
Code: GWC07
Milk Churn inspired antique galvanized metal water cans with 8 Liters capacity - Kone Crafts - Wholesale Manufacturing - GWC08
Code: GWC08
Galvanized Watering Cans with ribbed body, 7 Liter Capacity, Natural Finish and lacquer coating – Kone Crafts – Manufacturer and Exporter – GWC09
Code: GWC09
Patina finish, Antique french galvanized watering cans with 2 gallons capacity, double handle and wide sprout - Kone Crafts, wholesale manufacturer and suppliers in bulk from India
Code: GWC10
Brass handle powder coated galvanized zinc 2 gallon watering cans - Wholesale manufacturing - Kone Crafts - GWC11
Code: GWC11
Steel double handle galvanized watering cans with metal stip at the base – bulk manufacturing, wholesale pricing – Kone Crafts GWC12
Code: GWC12
Antique touch zinc Watering cans with long spout for outdoor garden and pesticides sprayer - Kone Crafts - metal sprinkles manufacturer from India.
Code: GWC13
turquoise color powder coated galvanized watering sprinkler for plants, 2 gallons capacity - Metal Handicrafts - Kone Crafts - metal handicrafts manufacturer and exporter, Moradabad, India.
Code: GWC14
antique hammered watering pitcher with small spout for indoor gardens - supplier in bulk - Kone Crafts, Moradabad, India
Code: GWC15
Indoor watering cans, powder coated with grey spots, 1 gallon capacity, without rose – Cans for nursery growers and garden centers – GWC16
Code: GWC16
powder coated zinc water cans, double handles, brass rose and handles, 3 gallons capacity – import from india directly to your store – GWC17
Code: GWC17
Galvanized water cans with elongated nose & rose, brass colour rose for watering indoor plants - bulk supplier from India - Kone Crafts
Code: GWC18
Garden metallic watering cans, powder coated for avoid rusting, with brass sprayer – Good for kids – Kone Crafts – exporter – GWC19
Code: GWC19
Indoor galvanized zinc watering cans with cherry red powder coating, taperring body, 3 Liter capacity - Kone Crafts
Code: GWC20

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