Why Galvanized Metal Planters are the Best for Gardening

Why Galvanized Metal Planters are the Best for Gardening

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A dream home is never complete without a dream garden. Gardening and planting pretty flowers in your home not just makes it look beautiful, but also changes the whole energy of your home.

Your personal space reverberates with positive vibes and a higher frequency. Your home smells fresh and clean always. But, how do you go about creating that perfect garden, like the ones you see in magazines and TV?

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Well, the very first step is to choose the planters that are going to hold the pristine beauties in your personal garden.

Metal planters come in various sizes and are even ideal for planting little herbs for your kitchen garden.

With constraints of space and time in our busy lives, while it may not be possible to invest in a full-blown garden, metal planters make it really easy to maintain and beautify your green spaces.

But before you go ahead, here’s what all you need to know about these galvanized metal planters.

What are galvanized metal planters?

These planters are made of galvanized metal (cast iron, steel or aluminium) which means that the steel is coated with zinc to avoid corrosion.

This is a great thing because since the planters come in contact with soil, fertilizers and moisture, they are prone to rusting.

flower pot wholesale pricing direct from exporter India - Kone CraftsBut when you use planters made from galvanized metal, the problem is sorted! Not to mention, how beautiful they look in comparison to the traditional earthen pots.

Why planters of galvanized sheet are preferred

  1. Low cost: Since galvanized pots last longer and are easier to maintain, their long term cost is lower than that of clay pots.
  2. Easy to move: Even the bigger metal planters are so much easier to move than your regular pots. Just make sure you place them in the desired location first, and then fill it up with soil and plants.
  3. Easy to maintain: They look attractive, and are less prone to wear and tear. They won’t crack, chip, or break. In fact, they get more beautiful as they age, by getting patina.
  4. Resistance to corrosion: This is probably the best feature of galvanized planters. The fact that they don’t corrode makes them highly sought after.
  5. Attractive: Picture a plain brown earthen pot with flowers planted in it. Now picture a cute metal casket holding flowers. Which one looks better to you?
  6. Easily available: Don’t get fooled by their flawless looks! They’re not so hard to get after all! Different types, colours and sizes are easily available in the market. However, if you want the best in quality and durability, buy online

Things to consider when buying metal planters:

Financial Cost: Whether you’re planning to invest in a full fledged garden or just nurturing a hobby in a rented apartment, keep the financial aspect in mind.Import galvanized metal planters from India - Kone Crafts

Though clay and stone pots are great, they are heavy and costly. So unless you’re really sure about creating a permanent garden, investing in those wouldn’t be a good idea.

On the other hand, metal planters are handy and easy to move. They require less maintenance and justify their cost due to durability and mobility.

Product Life: Remember the purpose of getting a planter before making a buying decision. Is it a long term commitment or just a short term interest that you’re planning to pursue?

Galvanized metal planters have a long life and are highly recommended for even those with space constraints.

Environmental Impact: Wooden planters have an adverse effect on the environment.

Therefore, if you really care about the environmental impact of your choices, it’s best to recycle your own metal planter or buy a galvanized metal pot for better aesthetics and performance.

Time & Energy: Galvanized planters are also the best choice when you have less time and energy to devote to gardening.

Cons of metal planters

The only drawback of metal planters is that they heat up quickly in hot weather or when kept directly under the sun. The only way to prevent that is to keep your planter in shade.

galvanized metal planters manufacturer from India - Kone CraftsAlso make sure that the metal planter you are using has plenty of holes at the bottom.

However, the advantages of using galvanized metal planters far outweigh this one disadvantage.

So what’s stopping you to explore your inner calling and create a beautiful green sanctuary of your own? Go ahead buy a galvanized metal pots and make the most of your passion.

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