Give your home an exotic look with Moroccan Lanterns

Give your home an exotic look with Moroccan Lanterns

Give your home an exotic look with Moroccan Lanterns

Every home has a distinct feel, air and vibe. Which is why you feel a certain way in certain places. A lot has to be attributed to the décor of that place. Colours, materials, and lighting, – all define the mood and substance of an interior.

So, what’s the secret to a cozy home interior? Texture, character, and a whole lot of love. Well, it’s easier said than done. The first and foremost question you have in your mind when decorating or redecorating your house is – what style to follow?

Top Trends in Home Decor

Although there are numerous different schools of thought and types of styles, these are broadly divided into three categories in layman terms. Modern and contemporary, quirky and different, or traditional and exotic – these are the most popular styles an interior design imbibes.

Home Décor Styles

Modern and contemporary: For a style that’s simple, sleek and clean, with not much variation in colour palettes is what defines a contemporary home interior.

Quirky and different: The ‘cool’ style created by mix-and-match of quirky objects, unusual shapes and bold colours. It may look strange to some, but adds a distinct character to the home.

Traditional and exotic: The evergreen style that never goes out of fashion, a traditional yet exotic look can turn a simple house into an art museum. The soul of a traditionally designed home lies in its intricate details. From elaborate furnishings, to rich accessories, dark finished wood and metal are the most common materials used in this design style.

There’s depth, layering and dimensionality within most traditional designs. Lighting is an integral part of home décor when it comes to the traditional style of interior design. Moroccan lanterns, in this category, are catching up in the urban era because of its exotic look and ornate details that beautifully complement a traditionally designed home. Read on to know more about decorating your home with Moroccan lanterns and bringing that traditional vibe into your interior’s character.

Latest Home Décor Trends: Moroccan Lanterns

Moroccan Lanterns need not necessarily be metallic, although its true charm lies in a metal body only. These amazing lanterns are also available in ceramic and ivory, and is an ideal gift item to those who like to add a dash of sophistication in their interior decor.

If you’re wondering what’s so special about Moroccan lamps and lanterns, then you need to experience the impact of this Moroccan handicraft for once. The effect created by the diffusion of light through the coloured glass and perforated frame is truly enchanting. Some of the Moroccan lamps have flat bases which make them suitable for use as candle holders or can be adapted for use as table lamps as well.

The Moroccan lamp shades do not generally use electric lighting. They can be used as a source of natural lightof a burning flame with a captivating effect. These are generally designed to hold tea lights or candles. When lit in a dark room without any artificial lighting, their breathtaking ambience truly shines forth. Light filters through intricate cutwork patterns and colored glass, creating a striking starry canopy.

History of Moroccan Lanterns

An amalgamation of various cultures – African, Persian, Indian and European, Morocco enjoys a strategic location that is the confluence of all these different cultures. Which is why Moroccan architecture, art and craft, and tradition acts as a cultural conduit for the fusion of these various styles. Which is why the uniqueness of Moroccan lanterns speaks volumes of its origins. Irradiating a rustic and earthy feel, these works of art are a treasure to own because of its distinctive style.

Where to use Moroccan Lanterns for Home Decor

Moroccan Lanterns have a way of fitting into any place or setting, and completely transforming the aura of its surroundings. Living room, bed room, hallway or even outdoor lighting, these pieces of extraordinary art can create a mesmerizing effect anywhere. These artistic lanterns exude elegance during the night and cast an exotic touch to any place during the day.

These lamps come in different shapes and sizes. From a rounded hot air balloon to a diamond-shaped lantern, these can either be wall mounted, hung from the ceiling or even be kept on the table.

Copper, Brass or Frosted Glass Lanterns look great at entryways, rooms, or corners.

 Iron Moroccan Lanterns have a rustic feel to it, and are ideal for outdoor settings.

Moroccan lanterns with stained glass in emerald, sapphire, topaz, amethyst, and ruby, cast an intimate spell with reflections coming from the intricate cut work in different shapes. Illuminating them can turn any evening special in no time.

Moroccan style lamps and lanterns are a unique option for outdoor lighting and also in pool areas.

To create a relaxing ambience and atmosphere, outdoor lighting with Moroccan lanterns alsooffers much to alandscape, patio or outdoor area.


They may seem a bit primitive to some, but they add a lot of character to your art décor.

They also bring out style and adds panache to often overlooked areas in your home such as bookshelves, staircases, and other vacant corners.

Moroccan lamps are truly unique since they are not mass-produced in a factory, but rather, each work of art is carefully crafted, dyed, stretched over a solid iron frame, hand-painted with a needle in brilliant colours, and embellished in a traditional manner. Varying in size, shape, colour and material, it offers you an opportunity to transform your personal living space into a gorgeous art museum. These traditional lanterns emanate a soothing glow, complimenting any kind of furniture or theme, to add a touch of oriental magic in your home.

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