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Let's Work Together!

Struggling while sourcing quality garden items?

“Most of the buyers struggle when it comes to sourcing quality garden décor items so we have developed a process for them to deliver consistent quality at defined price point that helps them generates more business.”

Don’t Just Source, Get manufactured!

Do not source or handover manufacturing to anyone ranking high on B2B portal. Otherwise, you will struggle with inconsistencies in Quality! And other issues like no direct communication, sampling and packaging etc.

Consistent Quality
Defined Price Point

Let’s work Together!

We operates as a partner to help you make a great product

Kone Crafts work closely with design team of buyers to give shape to their ideas. We set up end to end manufacturing process required for your production at ZERO cost.

Setting a process involves:
• Developing Manufacturing Templates
• Sample development • Raw Material Specification
• Pricing Calculation • Quality Control Management
• Designing Packaging Boxes • Sticker and labels

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