We give beautiful reason to grow more plants!

Luxurious planters that offers great value for money!

Attractive, Durable and Rust free!

Do you know that bass planters are the most economical ones in the long run!

Here is the reason, brass is durable and corrosion free metal and is considered as the most valuable metal for utensils.

It has quite high market price and not only that its scrap also fetch very high rate in the markets.

Therefore, after using brass articles for a considerable longer duration you will always get more prices for its scrap than its original purchase price.

Therefore, brass planters are one of the most economical pots to have in your garden and investment in such pots makes good sense.

Here are some of our brass planter’s designs:

Copper Strip Brass Planters:

This cylindrical decorative pot is made from pure brass sheet with copper strip in between.

This pot looks elegant and fits perfectly for your patios and indoor gardening.

This handcrafted master piece is stud with lion face ring handles to carry the pot.

Embossed copper strip in between the two brass sheet make it more attractive even without the plant.

Height: 11 inches
Diameter: 13.25 Inches
Weight: approx. 2kg
Cubic Meter Volume:

Copper Strip Brass Planters Manufacturer - Kone Crafts

Bucket Shaped Embossed Brass Planter:

This tapered plant container is handcrafted from pure brass sheet with embossed flower design on its surface.

The embossed print is colored to make is clearly visible.

This printed brass metal planter is well suited for indoor gardening and also serves wonderful as a gift item.

Height: 11 inches
Diameter: 11 Inches
Weight: approx. 1kg
Cubic Meter Volume:

Bucket Shaped Brass Embossed Flower Pot Manufacturer and Supplier - Kone Crafts

Handcrafted Round Brass Planter:

This round cylindrical pot with tapered base in manufactured from pure brass sheet.

Its surface is engraved with beautiful design to give it an antique look and feel.

This corrosion free brass flower pot is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor garden décor also it is best fit for your office.

Height: 11 inches
Diameter: 11 Inches
Weight: approx. 1.6 kg
Cubic Meter Volume: