How to get the perfect Green Balcony [with Plant Containers]

How to get the perfect Green Balcony [with Plant Containers]

How to get the perfect green balcony blog by KONECRAFTS

Space is a concept that is often underestimated in depth and scope. What we are experiencing today is a shrinking of spaces. Be it public spaces or private spaces, both face constraint and pressure in every possible way.

As the urban areas and cities grow, they continuously increase their diameters thus taking more and more space. metal outdoor planters

However it does not mean that the space is actually increasing. It means that the ‘urban space’ is increasing in effect which means more congestion, more malls, and more roads and hence ‘less’ space practically.

The grand old ‘American Dream’ that in effect is also every Indian’s dream, thus stands threatened because that house with a big front lawn and backyard, is now exactly that, a dream.

Hence space becomes extremely precious and its effective and efficient utilization becomes inevitable.

While we may not be able to fulfill the American Dream for you in its entirety, there is a bit that we can contribute somewhere and that is by helping you plan your perfect ‘Green Balcony’.

In an era of tall housing complexes, almost all of which have the ground floor dedicated wholesomely to car parking, the balcony is left as our ultimate savior.

The size of the balcony does not matter to make it an extended décor space of the house doubling up as your personal retreat in times of distress.

Your oasis of peace is not so difficult to attain, all it requires is a little bit of effort, some amount of dedication and loads of excitement to add that tinge of belongingness that you will cherish for a very long time.

hanging planter boxesHow to get starter?

Outdoor plant containers are the perfect way to get started. While one may get attracted to getting artificial grass and other such plastic accessories to speed up the process, it is advisable to keep this safe heaven as natural as possible.

The initial advice will be to start small and not rush yourself and get overburdened in the process.

How small or big one must start depends on how much time and money one is willing to dedicate because lets face it, gardening is a job that requires patience, a lot of patience and of course time.

The next step will be to decide what one wants to plant. The ideal list will include all kinds of plants ranging from the evergreens that will keep your balcony green in all seasons to some seasonal plants that will bring bright colors seasonally and brighten up your mood to fillers that give a good aesthetic feel to the balcony.

Hanging planters can also be added to the balcony however we must keep in mind not to cluster the balcony too much as it will lose the ‘open air’ feel and thus not serve its purpose entirely.


What types of plant containers to choose?

When deciding on seasonal plants it is important to choose colors wisely. A tinge of red amongst a layer of green evergreens brings out the color even better and is a treat to the eyes. Going overboard with colors is not going to uplift but confuse.decorative planters

Metals planters are a great way to ensure that your planters require low maintenance throughout the year as they are much more durable than other outdoor planters.

Apart from that they also go well with décor that is contemporary and modern in outlook.

Taking small but sure steps is eventually going to get you there. So remember, be calm, consistent and systematic; your green balcony awaits!

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