5 things to keep in mind before choosing the decorative planters for your home

5 things to keep in mind before choosing the decorative planters for your home

5 things to keep in mind before choosing the decorative planters for your home

Our body functions best in a bright aesthetic environment. Just like a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, a healthy body resides in a healthy atmosphere.

The best part about our home is that we can control the environment we want to live in and include little yet significant things to make it healthy and vibrant for our overall well being.

Getting planters for the house is the very first step towards making it an ideal home. Kone Crafts brings to you 5 quick questions to ask yourself before selecting the best decorative planters.

1. What do you want to plant?

Some plants require more water whereas some are low maintenance. Some plants need more air and sun whereas some plants are shade loving.

Based on the type of plants that you desire and the amount of time that you can devote to their maintenance you must choose the right indoor or outdoor decorative planters, as per the requirements.

2. How heavy is the plant?

Weight is one of the most important considerations while choosing the right planters for your home.

Sometimes we select a small planter for a plant that is going to eventually grow too big. It can cause the plant to suffocate or even the planter to break or get deshaped.

While calculating the weight we must also include the weigh of the soil and the water because all plants needs nourishment regularly!

3. Does the pot have adequate drainage?

It is but natural to look for beautiful modern planters that add to your décor style and taste however, one must not compromise on the utility of the planters.

If planters do not have adequate drainage mechanism the plants can die and rot, which can be highly disappointing for anyone.

Some planters have holes at the bottom for drainage while some have porous material. As per the requirement of the plant, always select the pot with the adequate drainage arrangements.

decorative metal planters by kone crafts4. How durable are the decorative planters?

Durability is also an important factor in choosing planters. Whether you want to plant for a temporary period or for a long period is one of the many factors that come into play here.

For long periods, you must choose planters of good quality, as it will ensure durability.

There is no use buying expensive planters for seasonal plants, as they will lie idle later on.

Based on how and when and for how long you want to plant, you can choose the right kind of planters.

5. How often would you be moving the planter?

In case you want to move a planter too often, it is advisable to buy lightweight planters as moving them will be easy. If you buy heavy planters, a lot time and energy will go into moving them from one place to another.

Some plants that are too sensitive to light and therefore, it is advisable to plant such species in lightweight indoor planters as they will have to be moved often from shade to sunlight and vice versa.

Last but not the least, one must give a little thought to the time and cost factors also. Depending on how much time and money you are willing to invest in gardening your house, the decorative planters need to be chosen.

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