We Customise Aluminium Home Décor Products For Wholesalers, Home Décor Store And eRetailers That Helps Them Generate More Business!


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Struggling while sourcing Aluminium Home Decor Products?

“Most of the buyers struggle when it comes to sourcing quality Aluminium Candle Holders , Chilling Buckets , Tables and Fruit Bowls. so we have developed a process for them to deliver consistent quality at defined price point that helps them generates more business.”

Why Aluminium for manufacturing home decor products?!

Aluminium is recycled easily and consumes 93% less energy during recycling
process as compared to extraction directly from its ore leaving positive
impact for society and environment.
It’s among the best metal for our circular economy.
Apart from its recyclable nature it has other associated benefits as well:
Other Benefits:
1. Rust Free
2. Light Weight
3. Durable
4. Economical
5. Malleable

What we do


We manufacture handicrafts home décor articles from aluminium either from aluminium sheet or from sand casting. Our home décor articles include candle holders, fruit bowl, coffee tables, side stools, chilling buckets all made from Aluminium.

How we do it

We adopt two methods during our product manufacturing process:
1. Sheet Molding:
1. Aluminium Casting

We are recognized by the Industry!

In a very short period of time Kone Crafts has proved itself in the metal handicrafts industry. It exports its home decor products predominantly to USA and Europe.

Kone Crafts is Nominated for the "India 5000 Best MSME Award 2019" for its delivery and product quality

Some of the products of our process:

Let’s work Together!


We operates as a partner to help you make a great product


Kone Crafts work closely with design team of buyers to give shape to their ideas.
We set up end to end manufacturing process required for your production at ZERO cost.

Setting a process involves:
• Developing Manufacturing Templates
• Sample development • Raw Material Specification
• Pricing Calculation • Quality Control Management
• Designing Packaging Boxes • Sticker and labels

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